Our Core Business Activities

Executive Search Service - Top Level Position (CxO Level)
  • Headhunting
  • Assessment by specialist team (Corporate Advisor)
  • Functional & Behavioral Competency Assessment
HR Partner - Senior Level & Critical Position
  • Face-to-Face interview (Multi-Level)
  • Functional & Behavioral Competency Assessment
  • Psychometric Assessment & Background verification
Regular Placement - Middle & Junior Level Position
  • Telephonic Interview
  • Telephonic Competency Assessment
  • Single to multiple level interview (depending on level of position)
Recruitment Process Outsourcing - Bulk Position
  • Timebound and quality recruitment drive
  • Special team deployment
  • Quality driven processes and tools
Master Vendor Service - Turnkey & Large Project
  • Work as HR Partner and manage complete recruitment project
  • Manage sub vendors and ensure quality service
  • Spacial team deployment
For Contractual Employment, we provide 3rd party pay roll services to our esteemed clients in all fields, we hire candidate on our pay roll and send him to client location. Contract Recruitment provides our clients with a flexible solution to meet immediate, short term or project requirements. With a faster hiring process than for permanent hiring this allows for time efficient on-boarding and saves you money as we handle staff payroll and social insurance. There is no initial recruitment fee, only a monthly invoice as well as an option to convert to full time after the contract period ends, giving time on both sides to evaluate performance and fit before increasing a headcount and reducing risk of a mismatch. We are fully compliant with Indian Labour Laws and our comprehensive Contract Recruitment services cover a wide range of positions across all of our core industry sectors.
Benefits of Temporary Staffing
  • A company can choose the period of time to avail the temporary staffing service which can range from a few days to a longer period of time.
  • We comply with the labor laws and applicable tax laws in India.
  • We provide support to personnel from the outside of India for the acquisition of relevant VISA, registration of FRRO in India.
Our core strength is our dedicated team of bilingual specialists who are experts in Japanese language with many years of industrial/corporate experience behind them in various fields. In line with the core values and the DNA of the Firm, we are committed to extending complete support to our clients rather than mere translation and Interpretation support. We believe and take pride in providing the best services with full transparency, integrity and honesty. To maintain the high professional standards and the desired quality of services, we make sure that our language specialists are either JLPT N-1 or JLPT N-2 qualified with appropriate experience in the desired field. We have been handling and providing professional support to both Indian and Japanese companies for almost a decade now. We have diversified team of professionals who are specialists in handling projects of Automobile, Power Sector, FMGC & IT, Steel Industry, Industrial Forging, Injection Moldings and many more such companies in diverse fields. Additionally, our team has also been handling Audits related work and Interviews. Our Bilingual Support Specialists are fully committed towards providing an all-out support to our clients.

Types of Interpretation services that can be provided:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Consecutive Interpretation
  • Whispering Interpretation
  • Technical Interpretation
BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Services

By Outsourcing noncore tasks such as Middle-Office and Back-Office work that include work such as: Sales tasks, Purchasing ,Logistics, Accounting, HR or General Affairs,our client is able to focus more on the core aspects of their business such as Strategic Management Project Management, New Business Development and other vital aspects
Payroll Services

We process payroll services for our clients for all categories of employees including Japanese Expatriates, their Local Locally- Indian appointed Japanese staff and for Employees. We have a bilingual (Japanese and English) helpdesk for the employees of our clients to process and respond to all payroll related enquiries and requests We are using cloud-based user friendly software and provide complete statutory compliance support.
RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) Services

This service enables our clients to outsource to us their requirements (small or large) to recruit several number of candidates at a time for their new business or business projects We then recruit candidates according to the requirements and according to the timing-of-appointment as specified by the client. In fulfilling this process, we first select candidates based on their documents, carry out the 1st-round-of-interviews and accompany the client for the 2nd-round-of-interviews. In this service we are also the pre- entrusted with the coordination task of issuing appointment letters and moreover we conduct the employment training for the newly appointed workforce
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